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YTX20HL-BS Scorpion 12v 275 CCA Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

YTX20HL-BS Scorpion 12v 275 CCA Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery Click Image to Zoom
Scorpion recognizes that batteries are made of lead, not gold. With that in mind, Scorpion has struck a fine balance between a high quality product and a decent price with the YTX20HL-BS High performance battery. You will be impressed! All Scorpion batteries meet or exceed the specs called for by your powersports manufacturer!



Made in Asia
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Product Specifications
Length6 7/8
Width3 7/16
Height6 1/8
Shipping Weight (lb.)15
DC Output Voltage12 V
ChargedReady to Install
Product Features
  • Scorpion AGM Battery ships charged and ready to install
  • Maintenance Free Sealed design
  • No liquid acid, so zero corrosion
  • Absorbed Glass Mat technology
  • Resists extreme vibration and heat
  • Very low self-discharge rate
  • Extra heavy duty terminal design
  • This is the High Performance version of this battery offering a respectable 275 CCA.
  • Finally a High Output battery for your High output vehicle.
  • Properly charged, these batteries will not vent to the atmosphere, meaning less corrosion at the terminals
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Extremely freeze resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty
Product Information

YTX20HL-BS 12 volt high performance battery by Scorpion. These are no ordinary replacement batteries, but a true high performance AGM battery that is designed to meet and even surpass the standards set by your vehicle's OEM manufacturer.

Scorpion is dedicated to manufacturing only the best replacement batteries, to uncompromising standards. Manufactured specifically for the US market by one the largest makers of motorcycle and ATV batteries in the world, they have become one of the largest powersports battery manufacturers simply because they build only quality products. While continually working to improve and refine the production process, the makers of Scorpion batteries have achieved a position in the Powersports industry that is unrivaled around the world. Scorpion is confident enough in the quality of their batteries that they are not afraid to stand behind them with a one year full replacement warranty against any failures due to manufacturer defects.

Be assured that with the YTX20HL-BS High performance battery you are buying quality. These batteries are manufactured under the highest standards, and are sure to out-perform any replacement batteries available. ISO9001 certified.

Vehicles that sYTX20HL-BS works in

Big Dog All Models All Years
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 400cc Outlander XT, Max (2004-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 500cc Outlander, MAX, Renegade (2007-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 650cc Outlander, MAX (2007-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 660cc Outlander EFI 2006
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 800cc Outlander EFI, Renegade (2006-2009)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 1200cc Grand Touring, GSX, MX Z, GTX (2009-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 300cc Skandic (2009-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 550cc Expedition, Freestyle, Skandic, GSX, GTX, MX Z (All 550cc) (2009-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 600cc Expedition, Freestyle, Skandic, GSX, GTX, Summit, (All 600cc) (2009-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo 800cc Freestyle, Renegade, Summit, GSX, MX Z, (2009-2010)
Bombardier (BRP), Ski Doo ZX types (2002-2003)
Buell 1200cc X1 Lightning (1999-2002)
Excelsior-Henderson 1386cc Super X (1999-2000)
Harley Davidson 1200cc XL, XLH (Sportster) (1997-2003)
Harley Davidson 1340cc FLST Series (Touring) (1997-1999)
Harley Davidson 1450cc FXST, FLST (Softail) (2000-2006)
Harley Davidson 883cc XL, XLH (Sportster) (1997-2003)
Honda 1000cc CBX1000 Super Sport(standard) (1979-1982)
Honda 1100cc VF1100S V65 Sabre (1984-1985)
Honda 1235cc AquaTrax F, R -12X, F, R-12 (2002-2009)
Honda 1235cc AquaTrax F-15X, F-15 (2003-2010)
Honda 1800cc GL1800 Gold Wing (2001-2010)
Honda 1800cc NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune (2004-2005)
Honda 1800cc VTX1800C, F, N, R Retro, S (2002-2010)
Honda 650cc FourTrax Rincon TRX (optional cold starter) (2003-2004)
Honda 680cc TRX680 FourTrax Rincon (2006-2010)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000, LTD, CSR (1981-1983)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-C Police (1980-1981)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-E ST, Shaft (1979-1980)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-P Police (1982-2005)
Kawasaki 1000cc KZ1000-R, Replica (1982-1983)
Kawasaki 1000cc ZG1000A Concours (1986-2006)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100 ZXi (1996-2003)
Kawasaki 1100cc JH1100-B Ultra 130 (2001-2004)
Kawasaki 1100cc JT1100 STX (1997-2003)
Kawasaki 1100cc KZ1100-A, LTD (1981-1983)
Kawasaki 1100cc KZ1100-B GP (1981-1982)
Kawasaki 1100cc ZX1100-A GPz (1983-1984)
Kawasaki 1200cc JH1200-A Ultra 150 (1999-2005)
Kawasaki 1200cc JT1200-A, B, C STX-R, STX-15F (2002-2007)
Kawasaki 1500cc JT1500-A, STX-15F (2004-2010)
Kawasaki 1500cc JT1500B, C, 250X Ultra LX , 260L, X (2007-2010)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-B Bayou (CN) (1992-1993)
Kawasaki 400cc JS400 1976
Kawasaki 440cc JS440 (1977-1986)
Kawasaki 550cc JS550 (1982-1985)
Kawasaki 750cc JH750 ZXi (1995-1997)
Kawasaki 750cc JS750 SXi, SXi Pro (1995-2002)
Kawasaki 750cc JT750 STS, STX (1996-1998)
Kawasaki 800cc JS800 SX-R (2003-2010)
Kawasaki 900cc JH900 ZXi (1995-1997)
Kawasaki 900cc JT900 STS, STX (1997-2005)
Kawasaki KAF620, Mule 3000, 3010, 3020 (2003-2010)
Kawasaki KAF620,Mule 3010 4X4, Advantage Classic (2003-2010)
Kawasaki KAF620F, Mule 4010 4x4 2009
Kymco 500cc MXU500 2010
Kymco 500cc UXV500 2010
Polaris 500cc Sportsman EFI (2007-2010)
Polaris 800cc RZR (2008-2010)
Polaris FS, FST (2006-2010)
Polaris Turbo Switchback, Turbo Dragon (2006-2010)
Polaris Victory Victory All Models (1998-2010)
Suzuki 620 QUV620F 2005
Titan All Models All Years
Triumph 2300cc Rocket III (2003-2010)
Yamaha 1000cc RS1000S, GT, RS (2006-2010)
Yamaha 1000cc RX 1000R RX (all) (2003-2005)
Yamaha 1049cc FX Nitro All Years
Yamaha 1049cc RS Vector All Years
Yamaha 1049cc RS Venture All Years
Yamaha 1049cc RS Viking Proffesional (2009-2010)
Yamaha 1300cc XVZ13 Royal Star/Venture (All) (1996-2010)
Yamaha 1600cc XV1600 Road Star (1999-2006)
Yamaha 1700cc XV1700A Road Star, Silverado (2004-2009)
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FB Big Bear (2000-2010)
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FW Kodiak/Automatic (1996-2002)
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FWN Big Bear 2WD (2000-2003)
Yamaha 450cc YFM450FG Grizzly (2007-2010)
Yamaha 450cc YFM450FW Kodiak/Automatic (2003-2009)
Yamaha 450cc YFM450FX Wolverine (2003-2010)
Yamaha 550cc YMF550 Grizzly (2009-2010)
Yamaha 600cc YFM600FW Grizzly (1998-2001)
Yamaha 600cc YFV600FW Grizzly (1998-2001)
Yamaha 660cc YFM660FA Grizzly (2002-2008)
Yamaha 700cc YFM700FG Grizzly (2007-2010)
Yamaha 750cc TX750 (1973-1974)
Yamaha 973cc Vector All Years
Yamaha 973cc Viking