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+Quality Does Matter.
Your Motorcycle needs a battery, and it needs it now. You also need it to still be going strong 6 months or 2 years from now. Scorpion Batteries are built to last. We also recognize that batteries are made from lead, not gold. Scorpion Battery delivers high quality batteries at very reasonable price, allowing you to get your ATV or Snowmobile back on the trail without breaking the bank. All Scorpion batteries meet or surpass the standards set by Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and others. Learn more about Scorpion Batteries.

CHARGED. All Scorpion batteries are fully charged, ensuring maximum starting power right out of the box.
TESTED. We load test each and every battery we sell directly prior to them leaving our warehouse. This test conducts a full 100 amp, 10 second starting cycle to be sure your battery meets or surpasses the Standard set by your original manufacturer.
READY TO ROLL. You can be absolutely sure that your new Scorpion Battery is ready to install the moment it is recieved. Simply install it, and go for a ride!